How to Wear High-Heels without Pain

Wearing high heels to show great figure, that is the reason why every woman love high heels, but after some few hours or even minutes you feel tired. Is there any correct way to wear high heels and don't feel any pain?
Don't wear high heels if they are too high. The best size shoes are medium height. Otherwise, you are risking your safety.
Wear some thin socks underneath. This will help prevent your feet from rubbing against the leather or on the material of the shoes.
Buy shoes with soft inner soles.
Wear high heels only when you don't have to walk a lot or perform energetic activities. Don't even consider cycling to and from work in them - that is asking for trouble even though you may have seem some foolhardy enough to try.
Wear high heels for special occasions. Times that are more suitable for high heels include activities such as birthday parties, visiting night clubs (although this depends on how much dancing you do and how comfortable you are in high heels), graduation parties, church etc.
Don't step toe first or place your heels and toes on the ground at the same time.
Walk the same way your would with flats - with each step you take, place your heel on the ground first, and then the ball of your foot/toes.


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